The 7 core ideas about personas and the user experience:

  1. Personas predate UX Research
  2. A persona is not a hypothetical customer invented by the marketing department
  3. A persona is not about customer likes and dislikes
  4. Personas answer very specific questions
  5. Personas can provide a very real benefit for user experience research
  6. Don’t Overdo the Persona Process
  7. Opinions are good but motivation is better

Persona is a tool to get empathy to your users, because personas are profiles of fictional characters or people based on ethnographic research, surveys or interviews. Once you do it, you can feel why we need to design something, and how to make it match your personas` requirements. It is a process to observe user`s behavior, and then you can find out something is not perfect, and get some ideas to improve them.

These are the persona I did at my undergraduate school, it is useful when you want to imagine the usage scenarios of your target group.




Experience Mapping

The four steps to making sense of cross-channel customer journeys



The research and discovery process isan essential investment to ensure thatyour experience map captures the full customer story. Not everything you find will end up in your experience map, but the value at this stage is developing a firmer understanding of both the customer experience and the context around it.


A few years ago, we did a survey of publicly available experience maps and compared them to the ones we have created in our practice. While there were few quality examples and major differences in how all these maps were designed, we did see some patterns that led us to define a basic framework for designing an experience map. The components of this framework are: the lens, the customer journey model, and the takeaways.


A good experience map has a lot incommon with a good poster. What makes a good poster? Above all, hierarchy.

Your map should make a strong statement immediately, but work on multiple levels. A way to determine the right hierarchy is to consider what would stand out when viewed from different distances and for different lengths of time. What would stand out after one quick glance? After one minute? After ten minutes? What should stand out from across a room, and what is OK to be discovered after closer inspection?

a group of people sitting on the subway, a man stands by the door


We’ve seen many of our clients struggle to make sense of and design for complex customer interactions that occur in a series of moments across channels, touch points, time, and place. In our practice, we’ve gravitated toward or invented approaches that help take on this challenge. We commonly use methods such as ecosystem mapping, service blueprinting, cross-channel architecture, and (of course) experience mapping.

A simple Experience Map only reflects one possible path during one scenario. For example Customer Journey Map through Red & White grocery store or Journey Map from effective UI bellow.

Simple time-line experience map

while a complex Experience Map could encompass cross platform experiences or experiences occurring at different time sessions/scenarios as Kuudes.fi service design concept for Helsinki City Library or nForm example of a cross-chanel experience.

Multidimensional Exp Map

Experience map can shows comprehensive aspects of users` doing, thinking and feeling, it depend on quantities of data from survey, interview and observation etc. It can deepen your recognize of how user feels at each step, thus you can find some problem from it.

Experience maps, user journeys and more…
How to Use Customer Experience Maps to Develop a Winning Content Marketing Strategy


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